Travelling - Where? How? Who with?


Why travel?
Travel is not only one of the big attractions to a summer work program but also an option in itself for gaining valuable life skills and personal devleopment.
How much it costs to travel is like asking that age old question, ‘how long is a piece of string?’ it really is that vague. The key to successful travel plans is careful planning and a realistic budget  to ensure that the benefits you experience from your trip don’t get lost amoungst a credit card bill that turns your hair white...visit our specialist travel site to view options and open your eyes to the possibilities ahead. As with all our summer experiences, advice and guidance is free so make use of your complimentary consultation to find out how Travel could make your summer the best yet.
How can help with travel planning? is a source of travel opportunities and advice but it can also help with planning, researching and sharing your experience.

Travel advice: Whether you book onto an organised tour or whether you remain flexible and make plans along the way with new friends and fellow travellers, how to plan your travels is a tricky a consultation with one of our Travel Advisors to find out what options are best suited to you. Simply create a profile on or send us an Enquiry message and we will get in touch to arrange your complimentary telephone consultation.
Blogs & Reviews: Hearing stories from fellow travellers is often the best way to gain inspiration about where to go, what to try and how to maximise your travelling experience. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with friends and family whilst in turn, motivating others to follow in your footsteps. Look out for reviews on particular cities to visit, tours to book, foods to try, and much much more! promotes SAFE TRAVEL – visit the videos and resources section to find out more or join our Travel Tips Group
Top Ten Travel Options
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