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Are you looking for inspiration for those long summer months? has been developed to help students and young people to make inspired choices about summer work and travel. Whether you have a fixed idea or no ideas at all, we are here to help you plan the perfect summer.


What do you want your summer to be?


With competition for jobs at an all time high, employers are increasingly looking at summer work choices as a deciding factor between applicants. All of our summer experiences are purposeful and are intended to be fun but rewarding at the same time. Deciding what you want your rewards to be is an important first step to ensure that this summer meets all your expectations.  You may know exactly what you want to do this summer, or you may have no idea where to is here to help! Simply create an account or make an enquiry and one of our advisors will get in touch. 


Make your summer...

  • Culturally enriching
  •  Personally Challenging
  •  Skill Building
  •  Career Focussed
  •   Independence Developing 


Home or away?


Can’t decide whether to go abroad or stay at home? Check out the costs, benefits and options by visiting our information pages Travel, Work Abroad and UK Opportunities.


Summer work or full gap year?


If you want to extend your summer experience Beyond the Summer then find out more about full gap year adventures here.


How to best use is a free service for students and young people to research options for summer work and travel.   If you are just looking to do some initial research then a good place to start is on Our Network page where you can quickly see an array of Featured experiences and opportunities. Alternatively visit our Where in the World page and browse options through our Interactive map or visit our Videos and Resources for information and articles.  We are committed to helping students and young people to make informed choices that are right for them - the best way to do this is to take advantage of our free consultation service.

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