Working Abroad


Why work abroad?


Working abroad is a fantastic addition to your CV and reflects a person’s maturity, ambition, independence, adaptability and initiative, all of which will add significant weight to your future job applications.

Typically jobs are in the travel and tourism industry and may involve working at theme parks, holiday resorts, outdoor centres, and summer camps.  Costs will vary but there is so much choice there will be options to suit all budgets.


 How to apply?


1.      Check out the Jobs Board for up-to-date listings.

2.      Submit an enquiry for more information or complete the required application form

3.      Arrange a Skype or face-to-face meeting with a Recruitment advisor who will assess your suitability for the role

4.      Collect and process relevent paperwork (references/criminal record checks/health checks as required)


If you are unsure what type of work abroad you hope to do then simply create a profile on or send us an Enquiry message and we will get in touch to arrange your complimentary consultation to discuss your individual aspirations and budget.


Featured summer experience...American summer camp!


Summer camp is as big a tradition in America as fish & chips are in Britain! Camp gives kids aged 5-16years an opportunity to go away for anything between 1 and 9 weeks of  and they embrace the chance to try new activities, broaden their cultural horizons and increase their self esteem by being in an environment that fosters inclusion.


What jobs are available?

Camps employ staff from all over the world to give children different viewpoints and cultural perspectives so everything from the New Zealand Hakka, Aussie rules football and learning Polish can all be experienced...the rule is anything goes!

1.       General counsellor - responsible for looking after a group of kids

2.       Activity leader - leading activity sessions for all ages and abilities.

3.       Support staff – working in any of the 'behind the scenes' areas allows camps to advertise their vacancies directly giving potential staff the opportunity to learn about the job role from the employer themselves and not from a glossy brochure claiming to show a ‘typical’ camp - believe us there is no such thing!  They are all so different and thats what makes camp so amazing!


If you don’t see your ideal job advertised then don’t panic as we do offer a placing service where we will look at your skills and experience and work with our partners to find you the job of your dreams, at no extra cost.  Just email to let us know you are interested.


Letting camps advertise with us directly helps us to keep our costs down so that we can offer you the best price and an unbelieveable level of service.  All applicants for summer jobs abroad are assigned an individual recruiter who will guide you through from start to finish.  No need to call a call centre -  you can have the individual mobile number of your recruiter on speed dial if you wish!  They will get to know you and be on hand to help answer all questions, no matter how silly you think they are, we will have heard them before!


Compulsary fees

  • Visa package that includes all paperwork, support and full medical insurance for duration of trip = £299
  • Embassy fee including passport shipping = £120-140 (price fluctuates as it is charged in dollars)
  • Return flight = £300-500 depending on location

Other fees if applicable

  • Travel costs to London or Belfast for visa appointment
  •  Criminal check if required = £35
  • Baggage insurance if required = £30-50


How much do I get paid for my work?


We have to stress that summer camp is not going to make you rich...we see it as a working holiday.  You will work hard and receive a salary that reflects your skills and experience as well as all your food and accomodation for the duration of your placement.  The aim is cover the cost of your visa and travels with a little left over for sight-seeing and shopping.  Typical salaries are $1600-2500 allowing people to break even whilst having the summer of a lifetime.